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As an independent agency we offer multiple company quotes to find the best insurance product at a price that you can afford.

In today's tough economic times consumer are looking for ways to save. Ask the professionals at Kurek Insurance for advice. New customers have reported savings up to $850 per year when combining auto and home insurance through the same company. Business customers reported improving coverage while saving money.

Since 1961 Kurek Insurance has served the communities of Maryland, DC and Virginia. We pride ourselves on our long term relationships with our clients.

AIM Merger Announcement

Effective January 1, 2015, Kurek Insurance Associates and Associated Insurance Management Inc have merged and will operate as Associated Insurance Management Inc.   The merged agency will combine corporate assets and strengths to better serve existing clients and prospective clients 
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Teen Driving Safety

Travelers Survey Shows Parents’ Good Driving Behavior Decreases Likelihood of Teen Accidents Survey reveals “safe driving” as top parent-teen conversation, but identifies differences among biggest driving concerns Travelers recently released the results of its Parent/Teen Safe Driving
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Labor Day Safety

Don’t Drive Impaired this Labor Day Weekend It’s that time of year again – have you planned your end-of-summer celebration? Perhaps a trip to the beach or an amusement park? Sadly, some may take the celebration too far and get injured or pulled over due to impaired driving. One drink
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Fall Maintenance Tips

Prepare your home for cooler days ahead. Fall foliage is beautiful, but not when it builds up in your gutters! Take these tips into account during the cool autumn months. Have your furnace cleaned and inspected annually by a qualified technician. Keep flammable materials, including al
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Hurricane Season – Get Ready in 5 Easy Steps

It’s true, major hurricanes don’t hit the U.S. every year. But if you live on or near the coast, someday you may have to face a Category 3, or worse. Could be this year. Could be next. The only way to protect yourself is to be ready every year. Encompass wants to help make doing that
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Generator Safety

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One Woman Inspires Change

“Never believe when someone tells you there will always be poverty and suffering.” These proverbial words are neither the rallying cry of a powerful world leader nor the enlightened guidance of an ancient sage. This declaration comes from a woman who grew a life-changing foundation fr
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Understand Boat Safety Before You Go Near the Water

Each summer millions of people hop aboard boats to participate in one of America’s favorite pastimes. But whether they’re on sailboats, powerboats or jet-skis, boating can present risks. In fact, in 2009, the most current data available, the U.S. Coast Guard reported 4,730 boating acc
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Prom and Graduation Are Just Around the Corner

Will your teenager make it home safely? As teenagers eagerly await prom and graduation celebrations, nervous parents hope their children celebrate safely and responsibly. Curfews may be broken, seat belts forgotten and alcohol consumed. What should be a happy time for students might b
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